With these tips, your partner sticks

Sex without passion does not go. But between work and weekly shopping can sometimes fall by the wayside romanticism. Do you suspect your partner looks for an upset things, model, but offer him the attention he seeks.

Even in long-term relationships, it is never to be too late revive the dreamy infatuation early issues again. Foreign flirting to keep him alert

Even if both feel secure in the relationship: you take each other not as a matter of course! Too much security ensures that the appreciation decreases for the partner. Flirting calm with others in order to show him how popular you are. Thus mindfulness partner can sustain.

Surprise him!

Break through the daily routine from time to time with little surprises. Wait Simply drop in sexy underwear or a sunken relaxing on him. If the partner is looking forward to coming home, he automatically has less desire to go strange. Generally cause little touches like cooking his favorite dish to make your partner is more emotional involved in the relationship.

Dates keep love fresh

Remind him to the beginning of your relationship: Although they have long together, produce solid Dates to eat or go to the movies highlights the monotonous relationship has become everyday. The anticipation, something to do together, is often particularly high. Plan now and again something new or a project that you both wanted to always make, for example, a sailing license. This strengthens the feeling of togetherness.

show appreciation and support

If your partner has good news, or can look forward to career success: Rejoice with him and show you that too. Compliments and expressions of pride create close relationships, intimacy and trust. If your partner is in a difficult or stressful phase, you make him your support significantly. It is this emotional closeness in difficult times may be derived from another woman man barely. Be for your partner, so that he knows that he can count on your help in all situations. Recognition, it is also to show when it comes to services in your relationship. Reward your partner if he has done something for you, .. Small gestures of recognition as a "thank you" or an honest kiss are usually already enough to allow the partner realizes how important it is for you.

Give him confirmation

Even in a long-term relationship, it is important to flirt with each other. Let your partner feel that you find him attractive, by courting him with looks and touches - even in public. For what is a clearer sign than if you pull billing and cooing through the world with the women in the environment? In addition, he has to get so no confirmation outside of your relationship.

By distance, you remain who they are

Also distance does a relationship sometimes good. Who is permanently fixed only on its partners, and thereby himself, his hobbies and friends neglected, is unhappy in the long run. So stay yourself and spend sometimes alone time with friends and relatives. Based on a relationship is generally the case that both are with yourself at peace and happy. Anyone not happy feels in his own skin, tends to burden the relationship this function of making happy. The mostly does not work, because with it the self-confidence is related. to have my own friends, hobbies and activities, strengthens the self-confidence and promotes self-reliance and that makes you attractive. Therefore, men also tend mostly to be unfaithful with women who have a confident, natural radiance.

Get the Passion

Do not come to life even in bed! Talk in bed at night rather not on the shopping list for the next day, but bring him with tender words in mood. And even if you do not like every day have to wear the uncomfortable Tanga: You will be amazed at the impact it can have, if you now and then shines forth the red lace underwear while watching TV on the couch. To ensure that he has to miss anything in the sex life and stay number one.


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