Detect Infidelity

Ein Seitensprung verletzt immer die Gefühle des Betrogenen. Von daher wäre es doch praktisch, wenn man dem Mann schon an der Nasenspitze ansehen könnte, ob er die Monogamie bevorzugt oder lieber prickelnde Abenteuer in fremden Betten sucht. Wissenschaftler spekulieren bereits über biologische oder gar genetische Ursachen, die Schuld an Untreue sein könnten, erklären bestimmte Persönlichkeitsmerkmale zu Treue-Risiken und wollen herausgefunden haben, dass es doch möglich ist, Untreue am Gesicht zu erkennen

Can you read a man's face, whether he is faithful or unfaithful? An experiment at the University of Western Australia in Perth concludes: Yes, you can! The researchers had 34 women and 34 men faced in the course of their experiment with the photos of 101 men and 88 women. The people in the photos had been previously asked about their attitude to relationships and fidelity. The participants of the experiment should estimate how faithfully the people in the photos are and additionally provide information about attractiveness, femininity, masculinity and trustworthiness.

Influenced a hormone loyalty?

Sexually is secreted in humans and animals in the brain including the hormone vasopressin, a reward hormone. The longer now the receptors are in the cells that take this hormone, the higher the "reward", which in turn will affect the loyalty readiness. In prairie mice are monogamous one of the few animal species, both the hormone and the receptor are pronounced. In Wiesenwühlmäusen it is very low here, the males are distinguished by a strong sex drive and so many mice copulate women as possible. Researchers from Emory University in Atlanta have a series of experiments with Wiesenwühlmaus males performed and the rodents introduced by means of a harmless virus a gene into the brain, which increases the vasopressin receptors. As a result, were from the previously very industrious rodents faithful husband who only wanted to bless a mouse.

But before the lords of creation fremdgehen debt-free now biologically, we should remember that - unlike the wildlife - last responsible our minds, what we do and leave. Keywords: Pulse suppression order civilization. If that does not help, therefore, remains only one to tie the man to the woman: Lots of sex as often and especially as long as possible. Because the mice test brought another insight: During a 24-hour act of two prairie voles, the circuits of desire and love merged gradually. The numerous, short connections of Wiesenwühlmaus however never came on the drive-level addition.

Personality traits of foreign goers

Unfortunately, one can not see a man in the brain to recognize, above it is true or not. But it can be some character features to draw conclusions about the sexual behavior of men, as one in the "Archives of Sexual Behavior" published study shows. Then Fremdgänger exhibit the following behaviors:


Men who like to take risks and test limits, do this accordingly also in a partnership. "Men who need the thrill in their lives, also have a higher infidelity potential," concludes Ian Kerner, the sexologist and author of "More desire for them. What women crazy during sex makes "from his experience as a physician in therapy sessions.

Sexual performance anxiety

If a man during sex too early or is struggling with erectile dysfunction, it is rather strange as men, where everything runs smoothly. Probably it will help these men to have sex with a woman outside the existing relationship that does not know about their sexual problems. Thus they are less under pressure to succeed. Dr. Kerner adds: "They give the partner the blame on their own failure or feel humiliated."

Light excitability

The third property that is more pronounced according to the study to potential foreign goers than loyal men, is also the most obvious: easy excitability. Jumps man quickly to external stimuli and is easy to stimulate, so caution is advised. There is a risk that it can not resist permanently the alluring temptation.


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