Warning Signs

Of course, you know your partner best and should really recognize the first warning signs of infidelity, but sometimes you might not have this right of self-protection. Look at the following list and you will see if your doubts are justified or not:

• Your partner makes more recently often holiday in Mallorca?
• When you talk to your partner about the holidays, he evades you?
• When he comes out of the holidays it is like a different person?
• The holiday pictures are hidden?
• Your partner suddenly has new contacts on Facebook or Skype?
• Planning the next holiday will not be long in coming?
• Calls are terminated as soon as you enter the room?
• The phone rings and it was the wrong number?
• Your partner suddenly pays more attention to his appearance?
• You must beg for attention?
• Your partner is doing more with others than with you?
• Your partner has new hobbies?

Those were just some questions you should ask yourself! This list could certainly continue indefinitely.
Do not burden yourself further with these disturbing thoughts!
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